History of the Hollingsworth House

Waymon Boozer Hollingsworth came to Fayetteville in 1890 as a telegrapher with Southern Railroad and built the Hollingsworth House in 1906. This home was open to many neighborhood festivities.

In 1998 the Faetteville First Baptist Church bought the property to expand its facility. They gave the house to anyone who could move it. The city of Fayetteville decided to move the house one-third mile to the west of Stonewall Avenue and use it for community events.

After the move, the
Hollingsworth House has been a source not only of civic pride but also a number of community events.

After 11 years serving Fayetteville, the Hollingsworth House in now privately owned allowing people to enjoy parties in a homey environment, the decor Lent's itself to bring your setting to a real southern atmosphere or you may choose to bring it to a more modern setting.

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